Using your Master or VISA card everywhere is not safe. You can use your card only few trusted sites. But you may have to pay to any unknown site. You should be careful to use you regular card.

You may need to buy from any website where you must use a card to pay. But think before the safety of using your card. You should not use your card in all website.

Sometimes the can charge you repeatedly so you will loose your money after few days when you enter your card. Even you may don’t have a plastic card to shop from online. Or you may have to give your card number to someone else to shop on behalf of you or your family. Some times your bank may don’t allow to use it in specific purpose. Or your card may have no more limit or restricted for limited time.

However you may have to hide your identity while shopping online. So you may need a temporary virtual card. In a virtual card you have some control on it. You can recharge any time and use it before its expiry date.

How to buy a virtual card:
There are some websites who will provide you virtual cards instantly. They will take some charges from you. You can register for a virtual card any time. But it is recommended not to use same virtual card for long time. If you have six months of validity, use it within first two month.

Register and apply for a virtual Master or VISA card.