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While none of these fake additions to WoW

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The other jokes involve WoW Classic getting a new season of "Intermittent Fasting" where food buffs can only be obtained in the afternoon. There's also a brand new class arriving to the game: the "Tinker Leaker." It's a class that focuses on prediction and is specialized in providing near-term and future assurances regarding WoW's future. WoW itself, and whose name and appearance alter after each session so that future "predictions" are able to be made with greater persuasiveness. In the wake of the next WoW expansion announcement coming to the World of Warcraft , Reddit and other forums have been abuzz in recent months with supposed insider information on the future plans of the game, posted by alleged "leakers," which seems to have resulted in Blizzard having a bit of enjoyment with the community by introducing this brand new leak-focused class.
Blizzard also takes the time to unveil new "micro-professions" such as Beekeeping, Gastronomy, Microbrewing and changes that refer to recent movies like Don't Look Up and Turning Red. Death Knights will now just be Knights bags are reduced by an 80% reduction, Tauren, Worgen, and Draenei can now be Demon Hunters, and Warriors will receive a major design to be more music-focused. The fun goes on and on.
While none of these fake additions to WoW are playable but there are plenty April Fools' Day jokes that are more tangible. The Among Us April Fools' Day gag has come to fruition, and Minecraft's game-playable "One Block at a time" update allows the game to be a bit simpler by removing most of its options.
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