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Thyristor Electronic Component factory

2021-04-19 21:15   Automobiles   Sanming   22 views

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Triac is defined as a three terminal AC switch which is different from the other silicon controlled rectifiers in the sense that it can conduct in both the directions that is whether the applied gate signal is positive or negative, it will conduct. Thus, this device can be used for AC systems as a switch. a bi-directional thyristor, similar in operation to two SCRs connected in reverse parallel but using a common gate connection锛宎re commonly used to Control circuits like electric fan speed control and smaller motor controls , High Power lamp switching and light dimmers and AC power control domestic appliances . TRIACs often find application as switches in a wide range of electrical equipment, such as lamps, fans, and motors. Regardless of their application, all TRIACs employ the basic operating principles outlined above. Beyond these shared characteristics, they are generally categorized into ones used for simple TRIAC switch circuits or TRIAC variable power (or dimmer) circuits.
Key features
鈼?It can be triggered with positive or negative polarity of gate pulses.
鈼?It requires only a single heat sink of slightly larger size, whereas for SCR, two heat sinks should be required of smaller size.
鈼?It requires single fuse for protection.
鈼?A safe breakdown in either direction is possible but for SCR protection should be given with parallel diode.
Key applications
鈼?They are used in control circuits.
鈼?It is used in High power lamp switching.
鈼?It is used in AC power control.Thyristor Electronic Component factory

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