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Reasons Why People Should Eat Poha Instead Of White Rice

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Poha or chewda as it is popularly known is a favorite breakfast food across the states of India. It serves as a perfect and energetic meal to start the day. Not only poha is very easy to make but it is also lighter on the stomach. It is packed with good carbohydrates and iron, and low on the glycemic index. On the other hand, rice contains a lot of simple carbohydrates that have long been associated with lethargy, weight gain, and insulin fluctuations.
How Is Poha Obtained From Paddy?
Typically poha is made by partly cooking paddy and then drying it out in the sun for several hours until it gets a bit hardened. They are then crushed and flattened to give the form of flat rice or poha. It does not go through a lot of processing and most importantly not polished. White rice is polished to such an extent that it loses its nutrients and fiber content. Also, poha is less processed and light in terms of cooking and digestion.
Rich in Healthy Carbohydrates
There is no denying the fact that poha is the most suitable breakfast food as it comprises approximately 70% healthy carbohydrates and 30% fat. People who prefer to fill up before going about the day poha make for the perfect choice. On the other hand consumption of rice makes people sleepy and also impacts their energy levels throughout the day. People today prefer to Buy poha online is it allows them to get a quality product for the comfort of home.
Some of the Most Notable Benefits of Poha
Low in Calories
A single serving of cooked poha along with vegetables contains approximately 250 calories whereas the same amount of rice gives around 333 calories. It makes for an appropriate meal that keeps one fuller for a long period.
Source of Iron
Sun dried poha is made to pass through iron rollers when it is flattened. Therefore it is considered to be quite rich in iron as it holds some of the iron during the flattening process. Population groups are always at a risk of gestational anemia particularly amount pregnant women. Adding a bit of lemon juice to the poha also helps get the necessary amount of vitamin C for appropriate absorption of iron in the body.
Help Regulate Blood Sugar
Rice is known for causing a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Poha keeps in check any sudden sugar spike in the blood. The increased fiber content help in the steady release of sugar in the bloodstream and restricts causing a sudden jump.
Good Choice of Grain for Lactose Intolerance
The term lactose intolerance suggests the inability to digest the enzyme Lactase which is usually found in grains like wheat. Poha or flattened rice is a good choice for people trying delicacies for satisfying the palette.
An abundance of Vitamin B
Poha is believed to be rich in vitamin B in the process of production. These vitamins are crucial for providing a sufficient amount of energy and maintaining brain health and cell division.
Is Poha Safe For Heart Disease?
Magnesium is known for maintaining function and normal heartbeat. One cup of flattered rice can help fulfill a significant portion of the nutrient requirement in a day. Also, it helps people accomplish nearly 5% of the potassium requirement which controls blood pressure and help sustain cardiac health. Hence it is safe for people with cardiac problems. However, it should be cooked using minimal and healthy fats. The above-mentioned factors clearly explain why there is an increasing demand for buying Indori poha online. It is indeed a suoer for the average Indian household.