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Madden NFL 23 has shown that it's only focused on earning

2023-01-10 02:08   Hobby Sports Kids   Joypur Hāt   30 views Reference: 13836

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"If there's an argument for exempting businesses, it's that it's to be that they serve the general purpose of providing assistance to commerce to everyone who falls within the broad scope of one kind of business or any other type of business," declared (Philip) Hackney, who is the LSU law professors who previously worked as an IRS attorney, a tax lawyer , and dealt with tax exemption for organizations. "Commerce is vital to our nation and we must encourage those who work on it in the same zeal and commitment to public service. These (sports) organisations according to me, aren't sensitive to the need for the making of profits. They're focused on making money that their teams make."
It is not a good idea to consider sports organizations as entities which transcend the business world which are focused on the bigger picture. It's a mere symbolic statement. What's going on with Madden NFL 23 isn't concerned with public welfare and maintaining a moral stance. The NCAA does not have a lot of coaches who are trying to shield athletes from the lure of consumerism. Your local marathon may not giving more to charity than you think it should.
Despite the latest incidents, Madden NFL 23 has shown that it's only focused on earning money and making profits from it.
As fans, we are searching for our sports teams and our most loved leagues to serve as symbols of something bigger. That's why we applaud players' charitable efforts and we often point to their values when their character is questioned as well as the reason that we pretend that we are ignorant about the lives of athletes we see on TV. We're more worried about the moral compass of Madden NFL 23 as we are concerned about the morality of the businesses situated on Wall Street, even though actually, they're established to reach the same goals.
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