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Indori Poha A Simple and Light Weighted Breakfast Option

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Indori Poha is likely to be originated from the cities of Madhya Pradesh, especially from Indore. It is made from flattened rice and is usually served with a combination of Jalebi. Unlike other types of Poha prepared in different parts of India, Indori Poha is cooked in steam instead of cooking it directly along with other ingredients. Its unique preparation provides Poha with a distinctive flavor, softness, and taste.
Why Indori Poha is so unique?
This is a sweet and tangy light-weighted breakfast or can even be consumed as snacks. The secret of making soft Indori Poha is that it is prepared steaming on a hot water bath and not by sautéed in oil. Prepared from flattened rice flakes, another key element of Indori Poha is a locally made spice called Jeeravan Masala. This light and the fluffy dish is a healthy breakfast recipe that is very easy to cook. You can consider buying poha online and a packet of Jeeravan Masala to prepare this lip-smacking snack at your home.
Usually, Indori Poha is prepared using finely cut pieces of fresh raw onion, while for other varieties of Poha, fried onion is used. This also makes Indori Poha taste different from the varieties prepared in other parts of our country.
Preparing Authentic Indori Poha at Home
Healthy, easy, and quick to make, Indori Poha can be prepared at home. However, different States in India cook Poha in different ways, but we will share a special steamed Indori Poha recipe here.
1. Buy Indori Poha online and wash it in a sieve or on a steamer plate.
2. Put 2-3 cups of water in a pot big enough for your sieve to help sit on the top. Put water to boil.
3. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a small pan, and temper it with cumin seeds, green chillies, and curry leaves.
4. Add this mixture to the washed poha. Add salt to taste, and a little turmeric powder. Mix the poha lightly; ensuring that poha flakes dont break. You can use a fork to avoid mashing your poha.
5. Now put the sieve along with the poha mixture on top of boiling water and cover it. Steam for approx. 15 minutes.
6. Mix some chopped onions, coriander leaves, and garnish it with some lime juice, and sprinkle little Jeeravan Masala.
7. Serve hot topping with boondi, pomegranate seeds, and peanuts.
Things to Consider While Preparing Indori Poha
Poha flakes absorb water very quickly and may become soggy when soaked for a longer time. Normally, just washing these flattened rice flakes can be a good idea.
Indori Poha is normally cooked by steaming over a hot water bath.
Another important step to consider is that a light tempering of green chillies, cumin seeds, and curry leaves are saluted in oil, but no vegetables are used in oil, thus making poha a light snack prepared with a very little oil.
Most of the toppings are used raw including onions, peanuts, pomegranate kernels, coriander leaves, and some lemon juice.
You can also consider adding extra topping that may include masala boondi, sev, farsan, and the authentic Jeeravan Masala, to make your snack crunchy and a bit spicy.
Buy Indori Poha Online
Poha is a simple, quick, and light breakfast option and is liked by most of us. Prepared with bare minimum ingredients, special Jeeravan Masala makes this Indori Poha stand apart from other varieties of poha available in the market. This khatta and meetha (sweet and sour) snack which was more popular in Indore and Madhya Pradesh, has gained recognition in other parts of India as well.