A small company or a solo entrepreneur does not have the capacity to create a market. Be practical. Enter where it has been shown that there is a market and try to do it with a differentiating and innovative angle.

If you do not sell on the Internet today, it is surely because you are not focused on solving a real and proven problem. What’s more, if you have no competitors, chances are there is no market and you will never be able to sell anything.

Selling is not easy. If someone tells you that it is, you can tell them very clearly “don’t deceive me” because in this world there are no miracles. It takes a lot of work to sell. Whether it’s to sell in your lifelong offline business or try to sell on the Internet, the distribution and sales channel that is taking a dominant position by leaps and bounds and faster and faster.

Tips on how to sell products online:

  1. Sell ​​from day 1:  if you set up a blog, sell from day one! Don’t be afraid to put a “hire me” button, a product sales page with the price of the same or different things in your series of articles to generate sales.
  2. But don’t be in a hurry:  if you don’t sell anything in the first month … don’t worry! Slowly. As you have more articles, comments, people saying “thank you for what you give me!”, Etc, etc you will see how those sales will arrive.
  3. Do not try to create the best website or store in the world: you  have to go to market with something that makes you ashamed, that is clear and it does not matter whether it is a store or a blog. If you try to have the best designed website, a lot of graphic nonsense and little details … you will never get it and you will not be able to buy and sell online in life.
  4. Trust is everything:  the secret to knowing how to sell online is none other than earning the trust of your customers. If they trust you they will buy you today, tomorrow and in 3 years. Take care of your customers and remember that it is always easier to sell to someone who has already bought you something.
  5. Be prepared for negative comments:  if you sell something, there will always be someone who says a lot of nonsense and criticizes you. Easy, this is so. As long as they are not 50% of the people who buy from you, you should not care what one or the other says about your course or product.

And so far everything I know about how to sell online with a store, blog or web, thank you very much for reading it and getting here!